The Bass Federation is offering limited edition FEDERATION ANGLER branded rods custom built for grassroots federation anglers by a premium rod manufacturer! This is a one of a kind member benefit!

With your purchase you get two (2) custom Federation Angler branded rods for $100 plus S/H delivered right to your door……AND we will pay your National TBF and FLW COMPETITOR membership dues owed for 2014! (up to $50.00 will be paid on your behalf for dues owed and not already paid for 2014 only)

That’s right!!! Purchase (2) top quality federation angler rods at a GREAT price & receive all national membership dues owed at…. NO COST TO YOU!

***THIS OFFER IS LIMITED and timing is important. We need to process orders early so WE can get your national dues paid BEFORE your club starts updating for 2014 so the roster system will not charge you dues.*** 

Order online at www.federationangler.com. We will pay and process your 2014 National dues owed at the time of purchase, (*if they haven’t already been paid for 2014).


Buy one rod for $50 and your dues are fully paid and you are good to go for 2014! You will be ready to fish any of the SAF events in 2014 for FREE including your state championship, SAF opens and the High School Fishing World Finals; as well as have access to all benefits our SAF members receive, such as free online education courses. For more information on the SAF, go to highschoolfishing.org.

Junior Members/SAF Member Dual Promotion

Buy one rod for $50 and we will pay your 2014 National dues if they have not already been paid, into whichever program you choose (Junior Program or Student Angler Federation)

Buy two rods for $100 and we will pay your 2014 dues owed into both the SAF & Junior Angler programs! BUY NOW