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Cabela’s Grand Opening

cabelasCome join the Massachusetts Bass Federation in celebrating the Grand Opening of the first Cabela’s Store in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Bass Federation will be outside the location running a Reel Kids Casting Competition from 10:00AM to 5:00PM both Saturday March 28th and Sunday March 29th. There will be special activities, giveaways and appearances by outdoor experts. Click the link for more information.



Youth Benefit Tournament



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Sunday, May 17   Long Pond, Harwich

Sunday, June 21    South Watuppa

Sunday, July 19   Connecticut River, Hinsdale, NH  (permit pending)

Sunday, August 16   Whitehall Reservoir

Register: 5:30 to 6:30 AM   Tournament: 7:00AM to 3:00PM

ENTRY FEE $180 PER TEAM/ OPTIONAL $20 SPLIT LUNKER (launch fee may apply at some sites)

$1000 first place guaranteed with 20 entries


Must show proof of insurance $300,000 minimum

First four tournaments above are also OPEN TOURNAMENTS (no Mass Bass/TBF/FLW membership required)


Saturday October 3   Lake Winnipesaukee, Center Harbor (permit pending)

T.O.C. Entry Qualifications below:

Teams must register and pre pay for FOURTH Trail tournament BEFORE fishing a tournament

 they wish to be counted towards TOC qualification.

Teams (both fishermen) must be Mass Bass/TBF/FLW members BEFORE first Open Tournament.

Teams must fish a minimum of two Open Tournaments.

25 Teams maximum in T.O.C. (Trail points used to limit number).

T.O.C. will be a pay entry event.

Fish two opens: TOC entry fee is $200.

Fish three opens: TOC entry fee is $150.

Fish all four opens: TOC entry fee is ONLY $50!!!!!


last season t.o.c. payouts/18 boats –

1st $2,500 2nd $1,500 3rd $1,000 4th $750 5th $550 6th $450 7th $400 8th $350


25 boat maximum per open tournament MAY apply  Sign up NOW and reserve YOUR spot

Information or questions, contact:

Dave McNary  617-999-5304 or  fishermand@verizon.net


Control the Things You Can, and Never Give Up!

two fishTo say that winning the Massachusetts Bass Federation State Championship on Lake Champlain at Ticonderoga was an emotional roller-coaster would be an understatement. I blew my outboard five minutes after blast-off, trolled to a spot I had never fished, and caught a 4.71 smallmouth on my first cast. And that was just on Day One!

When my engine blew, I spent a few minutes feeling sorry for myself, then I readjusted my goals for the day. I was right in front of the fort at Ticonderoga (there are a lot worse places to break down), so I just trolled to the shore and looked for the edge of the weed line. Once I hit eight feet, I took my first cast, and the line went tight right away on a solid fish.

As soon as I hooked the smallmouth, I pushed the button to deploy my 12 foot Talons. I was throwing a 5 ¾ Watermelon/Red Kut-Tail Worm (208) on six pound test, Texas-rigged on a 1/0 Gamakatsu EWG hook so it took me a while to get the fish to the boat. Once I put him in the well, I caught around seven or eight more fish off the same exact spot, which was a break line in where a grass flat dropped from three feet out to eight. Over the next six hours, my non-boater and I dialled in on the spot. I culled up to 15.94 and he got 14.5. The fish were on the shallow part of the break-line early, and then moved to the deeper grass. By early afternoon, with the sun high and no wind, the fish were on the outside edge in eight feet.

Earlier in the day, when I had a limit and was culling and my non-boater did not have a fish, he eventually asked, “What the heck are you doing that I’m not?” I suggested he slow down, and switch baits. I tossed him a bag of my Kut-Tail worms and he caught two four-pound fish quite quickly. The heavier, salt-impregnated, plastic that GYCB uses provides me with a longer cast, which can be key on pressured fish. It seemed the color made a difference as well – Watermelon/Red Flake (208) was easier for the fish to see in dirty water, and the water at Ticonderoga was much dirtier that unusual due to two weeks of steady south wind.

We fished until we both had a solid bag, and then spent two hours trolling back to the ramp, fishing the entire way. With my boat disabled, I was now a non-boater for day two, but as bad as I felt the situation was, my luck soon changed when I discovered I’d drawn Robert (Buddy) Amaral as my boater for Day Two. Buddy was very worthy of his nickname! He informed me, “You’re in the hunt, my fish aren’t that great, let’s go to your stuff and you can run the boat the entire day.” I was incredulous, who could ask for more?

Day two I tried to start on the weed bed where I had fished the first day, but there were ten boats there already. After two casts, I pulled the trolling motor, and ran the pattern I had discovered during practice. I had identified about 15 specific small spots all the way from the Ticonderoga ramp to the lock at Whitehall New York (about 25 miles). The spots were spread pretty evenly between the ramp and the lock. I’m always looking for specific features; a weedbed on a point, a dock, or a rock bluff. The spots need to have bait, which can be either white perch, sunfish, or Alewives.

My first stop produced a solid three-pound largemouth, plus another over two. My third stop gave me another three-pound fish and I was on my way. My fifth stop was nothing short of magic. On my first cast I caught a solid fish over two, and I was now one fish away from a limit. I knew I only needed about 13 or 14 pounds to make the State Team as a boater, which would qualify me to fish the TBF Divisional Tournament.

On almost my next cast I set the hook on a big fish – he pulled on my drag, digging for the shore. I was only using 6lb test, so I had to be careful. When I saw the big fish, my heart nearly stopped. I carefully played him, turned him, and got him near the boat. Once I had him in the net, I could breathe again. He weighed in at six pounds which put me right at 16 or 17 pounds. I may have blown my engine on Day One, but I knew I’d just made the State Team.

The rest of the day we just went fishing. I got a three a few minutes later, culling a 2.35. I ran a bunch of spots, but was unable to cull my 2.57-pounder. On the way back, I stopped at the spot where I caught the six and there was an older gentleman shore fishing for catfish. We chatted briefly and then he said, “You should cast under that tree, a big fish lives there!” Of course you know it was right where I had caught the six-pounder. I went ahead and cast on the same spot, not expecting a bite when the line suddenly went tight. It wasn’t another six-pounder, but it was over five and I quickly culled my 2.57. Catfish man didn’t seem surprised – “I told you so! Now bring him back after you weigh him in.”

I weighed 19.84 for five fish and won the tournament with a two-day total of 35.77. I like to think I can learn something every time I go fishing, and this tournament was no different. I have always had confidence in the Kut-Tail worm, but I caught virtually all my fish on it, and my confidence in it now is even higher. Texas-rigged, you can fish it through the grass fast like a fluke, or slow like a Senko. Either way, it has deadly action, and works well on fish that aren’t active.

I’m glad I didn’t give up when things got tough on me right out of the gate at this tournament. Now the only thing I need to do is make sure that GYCB “never gives up” making the Kut-Tail Worm.

By Jim Gildea

From The InsideLine Online Magazine

Massachusetts Bass Federation Tournament Lake Champlain, Ticonderoga

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Ken Lamb and Stephen Stroz Win at Whitehall

The final Mass Bass Federation Youth Tournament of the year took place on July 19th at Whitehall Reservoir in Hopkinton.  There were 8 Junior Division anglers and 13 Senior Division anglers competing in the last tournament.  There was a lot at stake for some anglers with a trip to the Jr Nationals for the point’s winners in each division.   The weather cooperated and gave the anglers a nice day to fish on a body of water that is weedy and full of bass.

LambIn the Senior Division the winner was Ken Lamb weighing in 13.42 pounds of Whitehall largemouth.  There were also two other 13 pound limits weighed in.  Mitch Kinz took second with 13.29 pounds and Robbie Gramstorff had 13.07 pounds for third place.  There were five 5 fish limits in the Senior Division with fourth place Anthony Campbell and fifth place Max Danese also weighing in limits.  The Senior Division winner for points for the year ended up as a tie between John Sheehan and Anthony Campbell with 289 points for the year.  The tie is broken by most fish.  John Sheehan beat out Anthony Campbell by 1 fish.  We would all like to wish John Sheehan the best of luck at The Bass Federation Junior World Championship.


strozIn the Junior Division Stephen Stroz won with a five fish limit weighing 7.34 pounds.  Aiden Bertram was second place with 6.96 pounds and third place went to Nate LaCombe with 5.56 pounds.  The win gave Stephen Stroz the points Championship for the year.  Stephen came back from a three point deficit to take the title.  Congratulations to Stephen as he is off to The Bass Federation Junior World Championship.

The First thing we need to do is to thank Reynolds Garage and Marine for their support of the Mass Bass Federation Youth program.  Without sponsors like Reynolds there would be no program.  The Mass Bass Federation would like to thank all of the boaters for helping out with boats for all the tournaments for without you this also could not happen.  Also thanks to all of the parents for bringing the anglers to all of the events.  The Federation would like to recognize All State Bass Club for cooking and working at all the Youth Tournaments.  Most of all, we need to thank, Youth Director, Bob Rivet for all his hard work as.  Please if all the anglers go on Massachusetts Bass Federation Youth Anglers on Facebook and thank Bob.  I am sure he will appreciate it.

Hope to see you all next season!

Matt Hobson and Dan Dowrowski Win at Long Pond, Lakeville.


There was great weather for the second Mass Bass Federation Youth Trail Tournament held on Long Pond in Lakeville.  Long Pond is tough for any adult club to find good weighs, but these young anglers did a great job by bringing in some great bags of fish.  I would like to first thank the Federation Youth Sponsor Reynolds Boats for their support for our Youth events.  Other thanks goes out to all the boat captains that gave up a beautiful Saturday to come out and take these young anglers out fishing.   Without the support of the Federation members and sponsors these events just cannot happen.

Long Pond YouthThe Senior Division was won by Matt Hobson with 5 fish weighing 8.04 pounds.  Matt fished with former Federation Divisional Champion and Reynolds sponsored angler Jim Gildea.  Jim was gracious enough to hand out all the awards to all the anglers and answer any questions they had.  He told me he really enjoyed talking to all the future Federation anglers.

The Junior Division was won by Dan Dowrowski with 5.93 pounds.  Dan fished with many time State Championship qualifier and former State Team member Skip Bryant.  Skip drove all the way out from Western Mass to help out and also enjoyed a day with a future Federation angler.

There were almost 200 pictures take of this event.  There were some action shots of the anglers fishing as well as all anglers at the weigh-in and awards presentation.  Mass Bass Federation Youth Director Bob Rivet has been giving out goody bags to all those anglers that compete.  At this tournament there were a few rods and reels also given out as door prizes.  Bob wants to thank all those that have been so helpful with donations and all the members that show up to help out.

Don’t forget the next Youth Trail Event is July 19th at Whitehall Reservoir, on Rte. 135, Wood Street in Hopkinton, MA.  This tournament will count for the TBF/FLW National Championship in August!

Burns and Miller Win Federation Team Trail on Barton’s Cove

Bruce Burns and Dave Miller

Bruce Burns and Dave Miller

The weather was great for the Federation June Father’s Day tournament on Barton’s Cove.  Barton’s Cove has been the place of some great weigh-ins.  This section of the Connecticut River is known for big bags of Smallmouths and Largemouths.  But there were no huge bags as we have seen in the past.  Due to heavy rain up north the river was high and running hard all day.  There is always someone that figures out what the fish are doing and how to catch them.  That was exactly what the Team of Bruce Burns and Dave Miller did.  The team of Burns and Miller weighed in 14.87 pounds of Largemouths.  It was an impressive bag for the conditions of the day.  Bruce and Dave won $1210 for the win.  I believe it is their first Federation Trail win.  Congratulations to this team of anglers.

Second place went to Coleen McKay and Jarrod Spice with 13.09 pounds anchored by the tournament Lunker Largemouth that tipped the scales at 5.02 pounds.  That earned Colleen and Jarrod $1020 for second place and Lunker pool for the day.   Third place and $590 went to the team of Aldrich and Bellville with 11.93 pounds.  Fourth place and $415 and Ranger Cup money went to Jim Gildea and Mark Nugent with 11.35 pounds.  Fifth place and $280 went to EJ Nocon and Peter DiRienzo with 10.94 pounds.  Hats off to EJ and Peter they blew their motor on the way up the river at 7:05 AM and still managed to get in the money with 6 Largemouths.  Sixth Place and $215 went to the team of Joe Burchill and Bob Mazzone with 10.92 pounds.  Lunker Smallmouth went to Jason Van Hilo and Ed Gauthier with a 3.01 smallie worth $260.  The Wild Card $180 went to Joe McKinnon and Peter MacLellan.

With the conditions not favorable there were 8 limits caught which is very impressive.  Great job.

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